About Me
Portrait of Jon

I'm a software developer based in Boston, MA. I enjoy creative coding; I've done projects all over the place, from fluid simulation to articulatory speech synthesis to cellular automata. I like learning new things. Someday, I'd like to present at SIGBOVIK or SIGGRAPH.

My master's thesis focused on the use of augmented reality technology to help people with age-related visual impairments with spatial navigation.

Most of my work is open source and available at my GitHub page.


I'm well-versed in iOS app development and game development with Unity, particularly for virtual reality. I've also worked a lot with augmented reality tech, both high-level (ARKit) and low-level (OpenCV). I work well in a team. In my academic career, I worked in conjunction with researchers to produce VR and AR software for use in human trials. Professionally, I work with a team of world-class developers to make great apps for iOS. I'm effective both independently and in a team as well as remotely, and have worked in teams using Scrum and Kanban methodologies.

Don't see the skills you want? I'm a very fast learner. Give me a few weeks and I'll be ready to go.

  • Languages: Swift, C#, Python, JavaScript, Java, C++, GLSL, SQL

  • Platforms: iOS, Unity, OpenFrameworks, Cinder

  • Frameworks: OpenCV, OpenGL, Node

  • Domains: iOS Development, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Graphics Programming, Front-End Web Development




  • VR / AR / Web / iOS / everything else developer at the Virtual Environment and Multimodal Interaction Laboratory

  • Graduate Assistant, Computer Science Department, University of Maine

  • Interactive Kiosk - Sea What Grows Exhibit - Maine Discovery Museum

  • VR Installation - Maine Discovery Museum


  • B.S. Computer Science - Spring 2015, University of Maine

  • M.S. Spatial Information Science and Engineering - Fall 2017, University of Maine


Resume (PDF)