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About Me

Portrait of Jon

I'm a software developer and graduate student based in Orono, Maine. I really enjoy creative coding; I've done projects all over the place, from fluid simulation to articulatory speech synthesis. I like learning new things. Someday, I'd like to present at SIGBOVIK or SIGGRAPH.

Currently, I'm working toward my Master's degree in Spatial Information Science and Engineering. My work focuses on the use of augmented reality technology to help people with sensory impairments to navigate.



  • VR / AR / everything else developer at the VEMILab

  • Graduate Assistant, Computer Science Department, University of Maine


  • Interactive Kiosk - Sea What Grows Exhibit - Maine Discovery Museum

  • VR Installation - Maine Discovery Museum


  • B.S. Computer Science - Spring 2015, University of Maine

  • M.S. Spatial Information Science and Engineering - Summer 2017 (expected), University of Maine


I've worked with a variety of languages and tools during my time at the VEMILab, and have worked extensively with Unity. Much of my time has been spent making various VR hardware communicate properly with Unity and other platforms. My academic work includes VR experiment design for human trials. I'm effective both independently and in a team, and have worked in teams using Scrum and Kanban methodologies.

  • Languages: C#, Python, JavaScript, Java, C++, Swift, GLSL, SQL

  • Platforms: Unity, Git, iOS, OpenFrameworks, Cinder

  • Frameworks: Node, OpenCV, OpenGL

  • Domains: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Graphics Programming, iOS Development, Front-End Web Development

You can see a sample of my public work at my GitHub page.


Resume (PDF)