Hi, I'm Jon.
Portrait of Jon

I'm a software developer located in Boston. I work as an iOS developer for Raizlabs, where we build world-class apps for mobile, voice, and web. Lately, I've been interested in generative art and interactive design.

In my undergraduate and graduate studies, I worked at the Virtual Environment and Multimodal Interaction Laboratory, where I made extensive use of Unity and OpenCV for virtual reality, augmented reality, and computer vision in research and interactive contexts. Visit About Me to learn more about what I know.

Are you a museum? I've created software for three exhibits at the Children's Discovery Museum in Bangor, Maine, and I'd love to make some for you too. Let's get in touch.

Some things I've worked on:

  • Kino - My graduate thesis project. A hardware and software project that provides an easy-to-use platform for creating and testing various augmented reality / computer vision techniques for use in an experimental setting.

  • Virtual Reality Driving Simulator - I was awarded three consecutive Center for Undergraduate Research grants spanning two years to pursue this work, which sought to study the effects of Age-Related Macular Degeneration on driving ability. The work involved creating a VR driving simulator, as well as an automated test environment using this simulator that evaluates subject driving performance with and without simulated eye disease.

  • Many JavaScript projects (see the sidebar!)

  • Installations at the Children's Discovery Museum in Bangor, Maine

  • CSJS Syntax Highlighter for Visual Studio Code

  • Maine Science Festival 2016 AR App